Treatment Options

Listing of Professionals With Addiction Treatment Experience.

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Individual Professional and Organizations:


1. Reset Summer Camp is an immersive detox program for children and teens supported by highly trained Doctors. Here is the link to their addiction quiz -

2. Psychology Today provides a directory of local therapists to help with all types of addictions.

3.  Dr. Thomas Lucking - Los Gatos, Ca


3. World Health Organization - definition of gaming disorder

4. Helpful description and demographics of todays gaming addict

5. National Help Line For All Types Of Addictions 

6. Dopamine the chemical behind addictions.


Growing Up Online References

1. Internet Gaming Disorder 

These are good reference articles for how many gamers there actually are. I used the 21% group and calculated how many boys and girls this equals which is about 18M.

2. Adult Sites

20% percentage of children 12-16.5 are accidentally exposed to adult websites. While 87% of boys 14 years and older actively search for adult sites. This is probably closer to 10.5M boys.

3. Social Media Addiction

This affects mostly girls. But the percentage of parents that are impacted is large.

59% of parents say they feel their teen is addicted to their mobile device.