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Who is a gaming addicted person?

Here are some great insights from an authority on the subject, Dr. Elizabeth Hartney, BSc, MSc, MA, PhD. She looks at recent data to create a profile of what todays video game addict looks like, and you will be surprised.

When most people think of video game addiction, they probably see the typical addictive gamer as a teenage boy who spends countless hours in front of a TV with fingers flying around the controller in his hands.

Yet the market of people who "game" (play video games) has grown. So has gaming addiction, as video game addiction and Internet ​and computer addiction have ensnared more and more demographic groups.​

  • An estimated 155 million Americans play video games.

  • Of that number, 42% play 3 hours or longer each week.

  • The average length of time Americans have been playing video games is 13 years.

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