Parental Controls - Rebooting your router from your smartphone.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

This technique is a great way to get Johnny's attention. I always tell my child that I need them to stop gaming or disconnect from the "Matrix" for a period of time starting at HH:MM.

Usually, they agree and say they will resume normal functions within about 10 minutes. To which I say "Fine", although I also let them know that the network will be going down for a period of time in 10 minutes, and they need to be finished.

Otherwise, they go from multi-player game to another game to another game etc., or go on to the next Youtube video.

Now we all know the agreed upon rules and expectations.

If they don't adhere to the rules after about 12 minutes I open a browser on my smartphone, type my routers IP address into the location field at the top of the page and login to my router. From the main login screen I look for "reboot" which is usually under the "Advanced" tab and simply reboot the router.

This will take the network offline for about 3 minutes but it is long enough to disrupt a multi-player gaming session.

I'll add a video on this process shortly.


You can also reboot your router from your laptop.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open any browser

  2. Type in your IP address, it will be something like or

  3. Enter your login credentials

  4. Look for the "Reboot" button

  5. Click "Advanced" tab and you will probably find the "Reboot" button

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