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How to Separate Your Kids From Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, or Social Media?

A Helping Hand for Parents, Guaranteed

Let us help you find security and peace of mind from adult sites to social media to video game addiction. Take a look at our awesome solutions below and be inspired to take action. You can always ask us for help.


Click here for a reliable list of Health Professionals focused on patients with addictions, nationally and locally.

Donations help to keep us online to provide important information for parents and

and provide the smart cord at affordable prices. 

1. Home Router

Check out these amazing prices on Amazon.

This is the router I own.

Click to view Asus mesh Wi-Fi system.


2. Smart Phones

  • For complete protection while away from home, utilize cell phone carrier protection.

  • Another powerful option is to setup a schedule of usage per device.

  • These are usually called Family Plans. The Verizon option I have used costs $4.99 per month and covers everything you need.  

3. Game Consoles

  • Apply a SmartCord to most Xboxes and Playstation consoles.

  • This will allow you to set up a schedule of usage.

  • When the scheduled time is reached the console will shut down.

  • The on/off option can easily be controlled from a smart phone from any where.

  • This control will stop online and offline gaming.

      Click here to view the smart plug only, on Amazon.


4. Screen Time

Both iOS and Andriod have built-in parental control features to help parents control their children's smartphone usage.  

I know several parents that have been very successful using these  features. Your success with these controls depends on your child's temperament.

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