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Video Games: According to some references about 21% of boys and girls are addicted to video games, this equals about 18M children.
Adult Websites:According to recent studies 20% percentage of children ages 12-16.5 are accidentally exposed to adult websites.
Social Media: 59% of parents say they feel their teen is addicted to their mobile device.

Are you a parent who struggles to separate your kids from Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft or Social Media?

Internet use of online gaming and social media has exploded during COVID-19, and we can help parents regain control.

Applying parental controls to each device is very time-consuming. We streamline the process for setting up parental controls on your Wi-Fi network, and smartphones. We also have a Smart Cord to control TV’s and game consoles.

Let us help you find security and peace of mind from adult sites to gaming addiction. You can also save time and hassle, and have us set it up for you. 


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Router Setup
Register to download a FREE script to help you setup parental controls on an Asus or TP-Link router.


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Click here for a list of Health Professionals focused on patients with addictions, nationally and locally.

Home Router

Check for prices on Amazon. This is the router I own.

Click to view Asus mesh Wi-Fi system.

  • Routers are finally including parental control features which are very useful, if your router is fairly new, setup parental controls according to the manual, otherwise consider buying a new one.

  • If you decide to purchase a new router. Verify security bugs here and purchase a current model router.  For example in a 3 year period Asus registered 155 bugs and Netgear 707 bugs. Furthermore, some companies often refuse to fix their bugs even if it is a critical security problem.

  • Make sure your choice is Wi-Fi certified .

  • Using only the options in the router you can set parental controls, schedule on/off time, and filter URLs such as Roblox.com and many others.


Smart Phone

  • For complete protection while away from home, utilize cell phone carrier protection.

  • Another powerful option is to setup a schedule of usage per device.

  • These are usually called Family Plans. The Verizon option I have used costs $4.99 per month and covers everything you need.  

Game Console

  • Apply a SmartCord to most Xboxes and Playstation consoles.

  • This will allow you to set up a schedule of usage.

  • When the scheduled time is reached the console will shut down.

  • The on/off option can easily be controlled from a smart phone from any where.

  • This control will stop online and offline gaming.

      Click here to view the smart plug only, on Amazon.

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